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Discounted Medical Kits

Set Medics is your resource for discounted medical supplies and equipment. To place an order for any or all of the following supplies, purchase directly through this site. Email or call us for more details.

  • KIT # 1 $50.00* 2 $14.25* 3 $195.00* 4 $42.50* 5 $275.00* Total: $576.75* **SPECIAL** $530 for all kits combined* SALE PRICE ***Savings of OVER $46.00***
  • D SIZE o2 CYLINDER W/TOGGLE VALVE (Brushed Aluminum Finish with clear coat-protective finish , 25-40% lighter than steel) ****The cylinders are shipped empty, but can be filled by your local air/gas distributor
  • Kit Bag (Empty)

    Empty Regular Trauma Bag - $35 Empty Regular Oxygen Bag - $35 Empty Combo Trauma / Oxygen Bag - $75
  • Complete Trauma Kit for the EMT. Comes completely packed with essentials and important medical supplies. See below for complete list of items this includes.
  • This ambu rescue pump is compact and lightweight - small and handy unit - takes up very little space. Easy to squeeze - requires extremely little force. Adjustable vacuum (100% adult or 50 % children) Fast and powerful, no regular maintenance, low cost operation Overfill protection - prevents contamination, eliminates the need for flush-through procedures and prevents inconvenient exhaust splashing of liquids. Disposable collection container - no cleaning / sterlization required
  • C-collar carrying case (NEW and improved) Ambu Perfit Adjustible Collar x 1 (Adult size) Ambu Perfit Adjustible Collar x 1 (infant/pediatric size)
  • OB Kit

    A complete disposable obstetrical kit with all the necessary components for emergency use.