About Us

EMTs and Medics for Hire for Special Events, Concerts, Film and TV Production Sets, and Private Parties

About Us

EMTs and Medics for Hire for Special Events, Concerts, Film and TV Production Sets, and Private Parties

Certified and Experienced EMTs and Standby Medical Services

All of our EMTS & MEDICS are certified by the state of California and specifically trained for live concerts, sporting events, film and tv production or any other private event needs.

Our team is available 24/7 including holidays across Los Angeles County, Sacramento, and other California areas as needed. All our Medics, EMTs, and other medical professionals arrive on location with trauma and first aid supplies ready to stabilize any minor or emergent situation that may arise with your film crew or event patrons. If your event requires a standby ambulance for transport to the nearest medical facility, we also provide BLS and ALS ambulances dedicated to your event or production fully stocked with trauma equipment and medical staff.

EMTs and Medics for Hire
Where You Need, When You Need

If you are hosting or managing a concert, special event, marathon, race, commercial production or any other type of gathering that require the services of am EMT, or even a private doctor or physician, our medical professionals are capable of providing relevant services for all of your event needs.

If you are hosting a high attendance event, concert, race or production set for movies, tv or commercials, you should always have EMTs and medical personnel standing by so you are prepared for the unexpected.

It’s a SMALL price to pay for a HUGE reward. You’ve gone this far to make sure you have a successful and smooth event, take the next step and reassure their safety by hiring Set Medics LA professional EMTs and other medical standby teams.

Standby EMTs and Medics
For Special Events and Production Sets

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED AND ALWAYS BE PREPARED! Hire Set Medics LA today for all of your onsite standby medical needs.

SET MEDICS LA provides professional EMTs and medical personnel for venues and events including concerts, film productions, private parties, red carpet galas, award shows, sporting events, street fairs, clubs and raves.

Event planners and venue managers know the peace of mind that comes from having our EMTs and medics on-site. Should an illness or injury arise, experienced and qualified medical caregivers are readily available to handle the situation instantly, versus having to wait for the 911 system to be activated before your patron or team member is treated.

What We Do

  • Concerts, Clubs and Raves
  • Mixed Martial Arts events
  • Red Carpet events and premiers
  • Kids Parties
  • Street Fairs
  • Sporting Events
  • Celebrity Events/Parties
  • Pre & After Parties
  • Award Shows
  • Private Parties at your residence
  • Private/Public Parties at venues
  • Weddings
  • Sweet Sixteens
  • Pool Parties
  • Bar Mitzvahs
  • Corporate events